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Or sometimes we try to take huge leaps into the future of our dreams…but if that huge leap falls just a little short, we end up scaring ourselves back into the centre of our comfort zone, and sometimes the roaring lion scares us so much that we never want to come out of the comfort zone again. But this means that our dreams stay as dreams, they can never become reality because we cannot take the scary action that would wake the sleeping lion…right?

If you find yourself getting stuck at making your big Dream come true because of fear, try this: Baby step. A baby step is something that can be done in just a few minutes. Baby steps are magical — I talk and write about them a lot see a few of the blog posts here , including the one about cyclists and hot shorts…! And in this case, they can tiptoe you right past that sleeping lion into the life of your dreams!

What fears do you have that are waking the sleeping lion? And what baby steps will you try to get past him without waking him? If you've enjoyed this article, why not join my mailing list and get my weekly articles right into your inbox every Wednesday plus fab freebies, discounts and the first chance to check out what I'm working on next!

I look forward to connecting with you. Are you listening to the wisdom in you?

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DON'T WAKE THE LION - Joy Valencia - senlaitantna.tk

Road To Paradise. Walking The Straight Line. The Face Of An Enemy. Reckless Man. You're The One. Only In America.

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Magnum - Don't Wake The Lion Lyrics

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Don't Wake the Lion (Too Old to Die Young)

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