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Here you can find also the biggest bronze globe in the world, at its time. Behind the old map of Armenia there is a hidden secret passage! We arrived then to the Death Mask of Dante , critical element in the thriller.

As in the book, we leave Palazzo Vecchio and head to the house of Dante …but just after a coffee break, Italian style! In this chapel professor Langdon and Sienna obtain information that lead them toward the Baptistery , the Paradise Gates and the Dome. Their beauty and history is really impressive. It is an amazing experience! For transcontinental flights you have to stop in other airports. Consider to get to Florence by train from other major Italian cities from Rome or Milan, i.

Florence is a small city and all the most important monuments are close to each other so the best way to visit the city is on foot or by bike. The city of Italian Renaissance!

Get the tickets on line, to skip the long queue! Michelangelo sq. We also offer a FlorenceTown tour promo to our users!

Our Library's most circulated books of | American Library in Paris

As riders change out of their gear you can see all the black and blue bruises, taped up ribs, bandages and blood. Anastasiya Nifontova is changing tires. Edwin Straver is maintaining the chain; Balys Bardauskas is carefully cleaning the air filter. Frederic Barlerin who withdrew at stage 4 is still up just like everyone else, helping others with their roadbooks and bikes.

He looks a little better now. He found purpose again.

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Rookies and privateers are just barely holding up, too. Had two mid-air ejects and after the second, just sat on my crashed bike at the bottom of a hole, head in hands, feeling like my world was cratering. Finally, to the end of the stage after 13 hours on the bike with a 4am wake up call. Reading and scanning through chapters of the book 'Inferno' until the last page.

I was intrigued how Manila was described as 'the gates of hell'. Now I have understood. And to what I have been reading from the news nowadays: a kid selling pandesal was heldup, a high school killed by a gun shot, corrupt politicians, a student abducted by a white van and was raped, an old woman who had been robbed and killed and countless morbid crimes. There's a glint of sadness that indeed there's a point made by that idiom. Mom always tell me to take care of myself specially when I stay out late night. She would tell me news that happened nearby. Someone's raped, heldup, kidnapped etc.

I understand her fears. Thru Messenger, I created a page wherein we could have a mini reunion for Meggy tomorrow.

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We agreed to meet at Megamall 6 PM onwards. Then, suddenly Giselle informed me we'll have a reunion Malnourish group today at MJ's. She's back from Japan!

A Teacher's Diary

But since I'm going to meet EJ. I told her I'll try my best to come later evening. Papunta pa lang ako, nsa bayan pa lang ako eh.

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Tagal kasi irelease nung card. Dami pang sinasabi. Before I meet up, he said he needed to drop by to Sta. Elena to get the twins card. So, again. Just like before and the other times. I waited like hell. I have noted everything happened before he arrived until we ate our lunch at KFC.

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