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Though the couple had used pseudonyms in front of her, the teen had identified a real name on a medicine bottle: David Birnie. It raised red flags with the police. When, after hours of interrogation, David Birnie led police to a series of graves in Gleneagle national park, he and Catherine proved to have abducted, raped, and killed four young women in a five-week period in They were each sentenced to life in prison David Birnie killed himself in ; Catherine Birnie remains incarcerated. In the new Australian thriller Hounds of Love , a teenage girl is kidnapped and terrorised by a murderous couple in Perth in December Critics have been unable to avoid comparisons with the Birnies.

The film-makers, for their part, strongly resist the suggestion that Hounds is a true-crime story. Writer-director Ben Young has said that he drew on accounts of nine different murderous couples in developing the script, which explores the psychological dependencies that lead female killers to assist their partners in murder. I even looked up the house that the Birnie murders took place in on one of those real-estate websites and the layout of the house in Hounds of Love is almost identical. Hounds of Love is only the latest in a series of Australian films that draw on gruesome true-crime stories, and not always without controversy.

Milat murdered seven people between and , beating, stabbing, and shooting his victims and burying them in Belanglo state forest in New South Wales. Like the Birnies, he preyed on hitchhikers, especially foreign tourists — two British women, and three Germans among them. Milat was given a life sentence in He shot and killed Falconio, and assaulted and attempted to kidnap Lees, trussing her up and putting her in the back of his pick-up before she managed to escape. Murdoch was convicted and given a year sentence in Eight bodies were found stored in barrels in a disused bank in Snowtown, a small community to the north of the city.

A further four were discovered in an Adelaide backyard formerly occupied by John Bunting , an ex-abattoir worker and ringleader of the killers, who was convicted of 11 murders in A second accomplice, Robert Wagner, was found guilty of seven murders, and a third, James Vlassakis, pleaded guilty to four a jury failed to reach a verdict in the murder trial of a fourth man, Mark Ray Haydon, who pleaded guilty to helping the killers dispose of bodies. By the way which is a sin so if they did that to you they sinned greatly to to jelousy!!

My wife and I had 5 ginger kids. We noted the burgeoning anti-Christian attitudes and declining academic standards in the public schools so we chose to pull them out. Another reason which I've kept from my blonde wife is that I didn't want them to go through what I had. I wanted them to grow up well adjusted without meanness and the hate borne of the taunting and bullying that came with having red hair in the places I grew up.

My mother, with her beautiful red locks, passed away while I was in grade school. My siblings and I were shipped around the country to have a place to stay. A kid without friends or family to back them up, a situation in which we frequently found ourselves, are more susceptible to "unfortunate events.

Having red hair only compounded the matter. For example, some people used the pharse "redheaded stepchild. People will use that right in front of you as though you weren't standing there! It was especially painful when it was preceded with "beaten like a I know it sounds rather odd but that was my experience.

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I am a ginger, when I was a kid I got in so many fights I was excluded from 11 schools and by the time I was 14 I had broken many people's noses and ribs. In my opinion that is the only way I could make everyone shut up, i was feared and was glad to be. Well my friend is a redhead and shes lucky cause she has platinum blonde body hair everywhere i meane verywhere cause i was in locker room with her a and she was the only one with white everywhere and i mean white from eyebrows all the way down like mousy white.

The only thing red was on her scalp and it was very exotic.

She was was the only one Ive ever seen like that and i asked her if she was albino and she said no and she was 30 years old to it was at christian festival. Who hates red heads? The only one I hate is Kathy Griffin, but that has nothing to do with her hair color. I think the most beautiful women in the world are red heads, wish I could find one to date! Redheads are hott I would defenitly say the hottedt by far but when a guy wanta tonsettle. If they are that's great but theres not many natural redheads on hollywood that petray this type t by e only.

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They shouldnt be hated. They should be treated like any one else. Looks aren't the most important thing in life anyways if we qere all in accidents whats on the inside is what would make us attractive regardless of way were born.

Sarah Swift: The Kidnap of a red haired princess

Loos should be last but unfortunately in this society it often comes first. If we did tge other way people. So my advice to a redhead that is goodlooking would be to focus more on whats on the inside pretend you dont have your looks to define you and then things will only get that much better for you same.

Redheads are hot hotter then any other hair color to me its the sexiest off all Im sorry Im not gonna lie Ive been with a natural redhead shes closer to a platinum blonde more then anything white pink tones blond body hair and brows and is gonna stay white but ahe still has the mos gorgeous red domain of hair on the head and its sad it will turn white soon enough. I Say flaunt it why you got it cause white is to common!!. I am a redhead who spent the most miserable 12 years of my life in the South. Aside from having red hair, I am.

It probably didn't help that I am not a Christian like many Irish-Americans I was raised Catholic, and that alone would have ben bad enough-- in the 70s, when my husband lived in a small town around 45 miles from Atlanta, the nearest Catholic church was in Atlanta, and neither his Protestant father and the father of a girl he dated who was Catholic approved of their going out.

In fact I am literally a witch, albeit a Wiccan witch-- and a Yankee and liberal and a feminist. Like the writer, I don't start fights but I do end them. I was bullied as a kid for reasons other than hair color, and because we moved a lot 6 schools by the end of 8th grade and was always the new kid and the smart kid and the shortest girl in any class, I got picked on. I didn't know how to.

'AHS: Apocalypse' - The Biggest Questions That Need to Be Answered in the Finale

And I will. I am an extremely loyal friend. At my recent 30 year vow renewal, several people --my matron of honor and her husband, and mynfirst husband',s best friend who walked me in and the p h otographer Were friend I have known for 39 years. And I do need extra anaesthesia.

I have to warn dentists, and usually ned more halfway through getting a crown. After the first couple of days on Percocet, it simply ends the pain rather than making me drowsy or high. I also need longer doses of antibiotics. The worst part if living in GA was feeling unattractive and losing confidence in myself.

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I was a published author but those stories didn't count. None of my in-laws wanted to read them. My clothing was all wrong, and the clorhes they approved of looked awful.

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Think Christina Hendrickson and imagine stuffing her into little elastic waist dresses with puffy sleeves and lace collars. Jews and people of color ALL get blanket protection; but if you're "white" and look different, then that's okay to defame you for it. I dont mean to sound ignorant but i was watching a stand up comic with red hair joking about what its like having red hair. I have absolutely no idea what problem some people have with those that have red hair. So if someone could help me out and explain what it is that said people find problematic, that would be helpful.

It's so easy to find one little thing about other people you don't like and then label them as a creep or undesirable. A woman can live her whole life being a whore and still get a man to fall in love with her only because she's attractive. It doesn't matter how many flaws you have in your personality or the terrible things you've done in the past, as long as a woman is attractive she can get a man to love her because so many guys just think with their penises instead of thinking with their brains.

Killer queen: the true story of Mary, Queen of Scots

He could be a convicted violent criminal and he can still get girls to like him just because of his figure. There's something horribly wrong with society today. Women have sex with abusive alcoholics, and as long as a guy is attractive there's no amount of creepy behavior he can't get away with, but if another guy tries making a move on her she labels him a creep or calls him a rapist. He could be a self acclaimed satanist and he can still easily get women to have sex with him. If you have any physical flaws at all no one will look at you.

If a woman his sexually attractive she can get almost any guy to stick it to her. Being irresponsible and predatory is more attractive than being a responsible law abiding citizen. Why is it that damaged people get the best sex lives. I have these two twin girls that live by my house they are 7. There mom is a blonde their dad is actually mexican or half and they have bright red hair. There older brother looks Mexican with brown hair and they ended up with red.

They still have fair skin they are so cute. I asked if he was there dad and he said yes hes there bio dad.